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Ensuring Safety with

Asbestos Survey

Asbestos, once a popular building material, is now recognized for its health risks, including serious respiratory conditions and cancer. If your property was constructed or renovated before the late 1990s, there's a chance it contains asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Identifying and managing these materials is crucial to ensuring the safety of occupants and compliance with health regulations. This is where Lang & Stone can give you peace of mind with an Asbestos Management or Asbestos Refurbishment/Demolition Survey.

An Asbestos Management Survey is not just a regulatory formality; it's a critical investment in health, safety, and financial well-being. By identifying and managing asbestos effectively, you can ensure a safer environment for everyone, comply with legal requirements, and protect the value and integrity of your property.'

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How Does An Asbestos Management Survey Help?

It's not just a regulatory formality; it's a critical investment in health, safety, and financial well-being

Ensuring Safety & Compliance

An Asbestos Management Survey is essential for maintaining a safe living or working environment. This survey is specifically designed to locate the presence, extent, and condition of any asbestos-containing materials that could be disturbed during everyday activities or routine maintenance. Without this survey, property owners might unknowingly expose occupants to harmful asbestos fibres, which can lead to severe health issues over time.

Protect Property Value

Knowledge about a building's asbestos status is vital for property value preservation. Potential buyers or lessees will likely require information on asbestos to assess health risks and potential future costs. An Asbestos Management Survey provides a detailed report that can support property transactions by clarifying any asbestos-related concerns.

Legal Requirement

Conducting an Asbestos Management Survey for any non-domestic building constructed before 2000 is more than good practice; under the control of the 2012 Asbestos Regulation, it is a legal requirement. This regulatory legislation is in place to ensure that all potential asbestos risks are assessed and managed properly. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines, legal liability, and a compromised health and safety record.

Peace of Mind

Conducting an Asbestos Management Survey provides more than just a legal obligation. It gives peace of mind. By demonstrating a commitment to health and safety, this survey ensures that you are fully aware of any asbestos issues and are taking the right steps to manage them responsibly. It reassures everyone using the building that their health is taken seriously and that the property is maintained following the highest safety standards.

Cost-Effective Management

Understanding the location and condition of asbestos within your property allows for effective management and planning of any maintenance or renovation work. This proactive approach helps avoid costly emergency responses and ensures that asbestos is handled appropriately, reducing potential exposure risks and future removal costs.

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